Betting guides in podcasts

We trust that you already have your own betting system, along with making the most of coupons and the like, as well as knowing what a sure thing is. No one can put one over on you. Heck, you are prepared even against games of chance – when you utilize your Cozino bonus, the online slots just give up. However, we believe that nothing bad can come from following a bit of advice. Now, where can one go about procuring some betting tips and strategies regarding some of the world’s finest sports events? Podcasts are the way to go, and we have some of the finest lined up for you.

Even Money

Even Money is perfect for the fans of American football. The host with the most is Ross Tucker, the former Washington Redskins lineman that retired from football in 2008. This gives you the inside scoop regarding injuries, tradeoffs, as well as offensive and defensive strategies in the NFL. If you want a hot tip along with a sports commentary from someone who is not just an analyst, but a veteran who knows the game, give Even Money a shot. However, if you believe that one needs to take a step back to view the big picture, we have something else in store for you.

Brits in the Endzone

This is not so much a betting podcast, as much as an unbiased sports analysis. It is perfect for the football fans in the UK, and surrounding time zones, as four hosts give you the latest news surrounding your favorite sports teams. One thing to point out is that the atmosphere is relaxed, so it is a great podcast to listen to, even if you are not into sports betting.

The Lab

If football is not your game, we recommend The Lab, for true NBA lovers. They don’t talk about betting per se, but they do offer a wide range of useful info, which can predict the team’s performance if some of the players get replaced, or if there is some new talent making a debut. So, if you are wondering whether Celtics would defeat the Bulls, wonder no more – Neil Paine, Chris Herring, and Kyle Wagner will tell you what to expect on the court.

Business of Betting

Now, here is a podcast that deals more with betting, and less with sports. You will not listen to team statistics, new drafts, and other sports related news. Instead, you will get tips that focus more on what your way of thinking should be. Give it a whirl, because Business of Betting of professional, and yet informal, so it is great for people who want concrete tips, rather than a bunch of numbers without any indication as to what they might mean.