Gambling Podcasts – Learning the Ropes from Professionals

Though it is easy to jump to the conclusion that when you want to give gambling a go you only need luck to be on your side, experienced gamblers know better and they give us hints through their amazing stories and commentaries in podcasts. Grasping the rules, devising shrewd strategies, seeing through your opponents’ bluff all require great skills and continuous efforts, which makes it worthwhile to listen to gambling podcasts as they may reveal some shortcuts and useful tricks. You can always opt for learning through experience and try some free spins at Top UK Slots, but if you are interested in what experts have to say, here are some suggestions for interesting gambling podcasts.

Gambling with an Edge

Our first pick is one of the most popular gambling podcasts created right in Las Vegas, Gambling with an Edge. The podcast is hosted by professional gamblers Bob Dancer (video poker) and Richard Munchkin (advantage player), the author of Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gambles. In exciting weekly interviews with Dancer and Munchkin, expert gamblers and casino insiders share their expertise and insights regarding all the types and variants of casino games. These enthralling podcasts are an excellent way to learn about advantage play techniques, that is, legal methods which bring you an advantage over the house or other players, and about chances for legal-wagering in the US. Gambling with an Edge gives you exactly what the name says – an edge over your opponents.

Wizard of Odds

Another gambling expert that you surely don’t want to miss out is the famous Wizard of Odds, Michael Schackleford. After listening to his intriguing podcasts about mathematically-based strategies for playing all sorts of casino games, you will definitely wish he had published more podcasts. He comprehensive instructions on how to play blackjack, poker, craps and so on will turn you into a gambling professional as if by magic.

You Can Bet on That

The next gambling podcast that we would like to introduce you to is You Can Bet on That. This podcast for recreational gamblers is a fantastic way for those who are not too eager to deal with mathematics and complex strategies to pick up some interesting information about gambling while having lots of fun. The podcast is hosted by Mark DeVol and Dr. Mike, two college friends united by their love of gambling, who share their insights and experiences in a humorous manner.

William Hill Podcasts

It would not be fair to sports lovers not to mention at least one great podcast about sports betting. Our choice for this list are William Hill Podcasts, one of the best-known sports betting channels in the UK. What makes these podcasts so fantastic are detailed previews and excellent analyses of British Premier League football matches and amazing episodes about betting on rugby league games, horse racing, boxing, golf, snooker, NFL and many more. Listen to the podcast to get the latest odds and betting news and hear what professional betters think and suggest when it comes to sports betting.

Now that you’ve become familiar with some superb gambling podcasts, the only thing you need to do is choose your favorite. Whether you are a professional or recreational gambler, or you are just curious about gambling, podcasts are surely a brilliant source of information.