The New Listening Phenomenon Called Podcasts

The first podcasts appeared in 2013 and were frowned upon. People were very skeptical and did not believe that this ‘thing’ called podcast can become easily reachable and popular. People did not trust podcasts for various reasons. Firstly, they were not easily reachable and took a lot of space on the computer or smartphone. And secondly, people who hosted podcasts were not as professional as it was expected. However, the technology has improved a lot, and many podcast professionals appeared. Thus, podcasts became very popular and their popularity keeps growing.




Many things have changed. Not very long time ago, people could get informed only via newspapers. Over the years, technology improved, and the new-age medium became the radio, the medium of the future as they called it. With the appearance of the television, the radio was left behind. However, the age of television was over with the appearance of the Internet. The internet brought new media, faster, easily reachable, more reliable. From online news to online radio and television, and finally to podcasts. Podcasts represent the latest listening medium of all, and it is here to stay.



The fast world we live in has many advantages, but also many disadvantages as well. Not very long time ago, people worked from 8 to 4, or 9 to 5, came home after work, and have time to relax. They watch their TV shows and listened to their favorite radio program at a fixed time. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to live a life like the ones of our parents and grandparents. We have many things to do, we work flexible working hours, two jobs, etc. Thus, there is less and less time for TV and radio shows at a fixed time. Fortunately, the new age and technology brought us podcasts.


With podcasts, you can listen to your favorite talk show anytime and anywhere. Just subscribe, or install the app, stream or download the show, and listen to it while you are running, preparing lunch, getting ready to sleep, or any time that suits you best.

In addition, you are not obliged to listen to the topics you do not like. You can choose from many topics available. If you are not into the entertainment aspect of sports, just skip this episode, and download another one with a topic you prefer better. It is completely up to you.


Podcasts represent the ultimate medium that keeps you well informed and entertained. They are easy to use, friendlier, and you can listen to the show anytime and anywhere. This flexibility is what makes them become more and more popular day by day. Try your first podcast and see for yourself! We are sure you will like it.