Best Four Sports Podcasts in 2018

People who are sports fans and enthusiasts like to be informed of their favorite sports all the time. For the majority of sports enthusiasts, it is not only important to watch sports but also it is important to listen to sports news, sports analysis, sports veterans discussing their favorite sports and talking about the odds, to bet on their favorite sport, etc. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many ways to stay in touch with your favorite sports news. For example, you can look at the odds on various betting sites, such as Unibet. In addition, you can read sports news online anywhere and anytime. Finally, you can listen to your sports programs on the radio or via podcasts. Stream or download your favorite podcast on the computer or on your phone and listen to it anytime you want to.

Due to the growing popularity of sports podcasts, we decided to present to you a list of top four sports podcasts that will help you stay in touch with your favorite sports.


StarTalk Radio presents Playing With Science on Apple Podcasts, a talk show of sports science. The topic of the show is to analyze some of the greatest moments in sports history. Chuck Nice and Garry O’Reilly are the hosts of the show, and each time they invite some sports professionals to do the analysis and discuss the moment in sports history.

This talk show discusses the science behind the amazing players and their legendary moments in sports, such as Steph Curry’s jump shot or Mike Trout’s home run swing, and many others.

Playing with Science represents a very unusual perspective on sports attractive for many fans.


Apple Podcasts offers another interesting podcast called Pardon My Take by Barstool Sports. The hosts of the podcast are Dan Katz and PFT Commenter. They talk about the more entertaining aspect of sports. For example, they discuss the spare time of their players, their favorite food and other non-related things about sports and their participants. They present sports in a very unusual and interesting way which is why the show has become very popular over the years, and its popularity keeps growing.


Men in Blazers by Embassy Row is a sports podcast which can be found on Apple Podcasts, as well. This is one of the most popular football or soccer podcast in America which is created by Michael Davis and Roger Bennett, both British. The podcast offers a thorough analysis and interviews related to soccer (football) which many fans and enthusiasts can find useful.


As its name says, this podcast on Apple Podcasts is created and hosted by a famous sportswriter called Bill Simmons. In his podcast, Bill Simmons focuses on the things he cares for and likes in sports. The show lasts for an hour and it relates to sports enthusiasts and fans completely. In the show, many athlete and celebrity interviews can be heard. Celebrities and athletes discuss sports with Bill Simmons in an interesting way for the fans.

These were the best four sports podcasts in our opinion. Listen to the shows on your own and see whether the topics are interesting for you too.