How to Find Guests for Your Podcast

Have you ever tried to talk to the camera without anyone around to make a conversation with? If you have, then you know how making a podcast can be hard, especially when you are a beginner. That’s one of the reasons why interview based podcasts are more popular. But keep in mind that the main challenge with that kind of podcast is finding guests, just like the main challenge for people who like online gambling is finding a base of good websites to use promo codes such as CasinoLuck Bonus Review. Having a base of guests with interesting information to share with your followers is an area many podcasters struggle with. Here is some advice that can help you.

Look among people you already know

If you are a new podcaster, start by searching your contacts and friend list. It is much easier to get an interview with people you’re familiar with than getting in touch with people you don’t know. Think about friends who are experts in the fields you want to talk about and don’t hesitate to ask them to make an appearance. Also, ask your contacts if they have any recommendations. They might know some amazing people in their own network.

Once you’ve done a few interviews and attracted an audience to your podcast, things will get easier.

Explore other channels

Listening to their channels may give you ideas about guests and what they can offer. If you think some of them can be a good fit for you and your audience, ask them to be their host. If someone has appeared on a podcast before, then there’s a good chance he will gladly do it again. Be careful, to keep the conversation fun and original, try to think of new questions or approach the topic from a different angle.

Connect with other podcasters

Experienced colleagues have already been in your shoes and probably have solutions for many of your problems as a starter. Joining podcasting communities on social media platforms will make collaboration with others much easier and make you more visible.

Social media

Use all available resources to reach out to potential guests. Social media would probably be the easiest way to find appropriate guests for a specific topic since it is all about building relationships. The chance is high that there is already somebody speaking about that particular subject you find important to discuss. Search for bloggers, vloggers, influencers, you would be amazed how many of them would say yes for self-promotion if nothing else.

Have your audience suggest the next guest

Make yourself available for your audience and hear them out if they have any suggestions. After all, you need to give them a reason to listen. And the closer the listeners are to you, your guests and topics, the more they will share your content. Spreading the word will grant you more followers.

Find people who need promotion

Have you stumbled upon a less known writer, or an actor in the making? Perhaps an aspiring artist or a singer struggling to get noticed? They all need a connection to as many people as possible to create a larger fan base and have their name heard. Offer them space to self-promote while casually discussing the relevant topic and you would make a win-win situation.