Podcast Equipment You Need When Starting Out

Every start is a difficult one. Journeys have to begin somewhere and we as people struggle to find the right way to start a journey. Often, we are lacking the right information that would make things easier. Just like punters, experienced ones, know how to use promo codes like this Betfair Promo Code, so do experienced hosts know how to set up a podcast.

Podcasts are fun and enjoyable to listen to, but on another hand, setting them up might be troublesome for a beginner. Podcasts require some equipment, so without further ado, here is what you need to start your podcast out.

A Microphone

Obviously, podcasts are an aural experience. In order to record speech, we need microphones. There are tons of microphones out there, with different diaphragms, directions, making choosing the right one a problematic experience. Luckily, companies nowadays have every type of consumer covered.

Companies that produce microphones like Shure, Neumann, Rode, Audio-Technica, and others, have microphones that are literally labeled as podcast microphones. That makes the choice slightly easier. Take note, you don’t need an expensive microphone to get high-quality audio recordings. 

You do need, however, other components.

An Interface

Just recording the sound isn’t enough, obviously. A microphone has to be powered, either by phantom power or through batteries. An interface is going to be necessary, regardless of what powers the microphone.

An interface is a device that helps convert the analog sound recorded by the microphone into a digital signal. It also does so cleanly, making sure that we don’t have any noise in the recording (which can come from power sources, namely unclean power and other devices which might cause interference).

Interfaces also don’t need to be overly expensive, but they are necessary for the entire process to work smoothly.

A Computer

This is a rather simple one. We need a computer in order to make sure that the recordings are in order. It is important to have a program running that will track the recording. Prior to the recording, one would have to check the levels of the microphone, to make sure that there is no clipping or that the gain on the microphone isn’t too low. If they are, then the volume of the recording will be too low.

A computer is necessary to edit the audio and make sure that the recording is ready for uploading.

A Hosting Service

Podcasts need to be hosted somewhere, specifically sites which are meant to host audio, like SoundCloud or Podbean, or BudSprout. Uploading and sharing the podcast is essential, otherwise, nobody would be able to listen to it.

A videocast is also a good idea, and more popular nowadays, in which case a camera will be necessary, as well as a backdrop, or a set. Typically, tables and chairs are included, and perhaps a backdrop.

Starting off a podcast is not that difficult, it turns out if you know what to purchase. It is good to know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to start a podcast and with these tips, the process should be easy.