The Best News Podcasts for Staying Informed

The world is an interesting place and social media and other news sites can bombard us with information on a daily basis. One needs to know how to filter information in order to be informed. For example, punters who bet online need to know which bookmaker to trust. Some of them know to use promotion codes like this Bet9ja Promotion Code, and even that they had to learn somewhere. 

Some people read online, others prefer to use audio methods of keeping informed. Podcasts do a good job of providing you with necessary information about a certain topic. Here are the best news podcasts you can listen to if you want to stay informed.


This is a rather interesting name, and with good reason, it is an interesting podcast about the environment. Oh dear, doomsday all over again? Not quite, the podcast is very reasonable and it’s not all doom and gloom, the apocalypse beyond the horizon. Climate change is real, but while a real threat, it is something with which we can deal, as a species. Listen to Dave and Ol talk about all things which deal with the environment, from simple things like littering to more complex matters like air pollution.

The Slow Newscast

There is a wonderful song called Slow Yourself Down by a band from England named Camel. It has nothing to do with the podcast, except maybe its message and overall tone. The world is rather fast and we tend to swipe left and right, up and down, moving across titles and not stopping to read anything longer than 10 sentences.

The Slow Newscast is going to help you understand complex topics, or rather, why they are important and the very intricate details around them. While this is not something you can do in five minutes, it is a good way of exercising patience and focus, not to mention building good habits and keeping up to date.

The Bugle

A UK podcast centered around comedy. With its lovely host, Andy Zaltzman, you are more likely to laugh than breathe. Frequent guests are comedians from all over the world, who find amazing ways to make you laugh, while at the same time, covering all the latest news which should keep you updated.

The Take

All the latest news from the world at the palm of your hand, or rather, in your ears if you decide to go with this podcast. International topics can help broaden your perspective, especially if they are presented so that anyone can understand them, as they are in this podcast.

These are the best news podcasts that you can listen to today, or tomorrow, depending on your mood.