How to Compete for a Podcast Award


After years of devotion, lots of work and time invested in creating podcats, anyone would be thrilled to see that people appreciate their work, and getting an award would be anyone’s dream.

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards are a great opportunity for podcast listeners to show their appreciation and nominate their favorite podcast creators and vote for them to win a prize. And this is just one of many such events that reward shows and individual podcast creators for their work.

Established in 2005, the People’s Choice Podcast Awards is an annual event to honor the best podcasts in the podcasting space and the general public gets to have a say in choosing the winners. The awards are open to shows worldwide and individual shows are able to work with their audiences independently to ask for nominations for a Podcast Award.

Those interested in knowing what it takes to be eligible for an award should note that any show podcasting on or before a set date in the year, and which has at least 10 published episodes, can be registered and then enter the race for the Podcast Awards. The specific date before which the podcasts should be aired is normally announced beforehand on the official website of the Podcast Awards.

In 2017, the nominations began on July 1st and listeners were able to nominate shows from 20 categories over a 30-day period. The awards show was live streamed during the International Podcast day live event. For next year, which will mark the 13th Annual Podcast Awards, registrations will open on January 15th 2018.

Nominations can be made for a total of 20 categories, as mentioned above, and these are arts, business, comedy, education, entertainment, games & hobbies, government & organizations, health, kids & family, LGBTQ, mature, music, politics & news, religion & spirituality, science & medicine, society- culture, sports, technology and TV & film. All registered shows are automatically eligible to be nominated in the People’s Choice Category.

As of this year, there have been some changes in the voting system and the public at large are no longer able to cast daily votes. Instead, there is a panel of 350 podcasters, listeners, journalists, thought leaders and sponsors who independently review and vote to determine a winner in each category.

In 2017, the big winner of the People’s Choice Award was The Fantasy Footballers, which also won in the Sports category.