All You Need to Know About Podcasts

Nowadays, you can find almost anything on the internet, and entertainment is high on the list of things people are usually looking for online. Even those who work full-time jobs in front of a computer can enjoy some sort of entertainment as long as it’s something in audio format. The best thing in the world of digital audio at the moment are podcasts.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are audio programs, similar to radio shows, which are made by someone and then distributed free of charge over the Internet for others to download and listen to on their phones, computers or laptops.

The main advantage of podcasts is that you can choose what you want to listen to based on your own interests and you can shuffle programs as you wish, essentially creating a unique radio station tailored specifically to your needs, with topics of your choice.

So, basically, podcasts differ from radio programs in just one aspect – they are distributed freely on the Internet rather than broadcast via a traditional radio station.

What are podcasts about and who creates them?

Anything you can imagine, really. There are podcasts out there covering almost any topic you can think about because people create content about any subject they’re passionate about, from music to sports, from politics to movies to religion and many other topics.

Different people and organizations create podcasts, and you can find content posted by celebrities, businesses, non-profit organisations, and even religious movements.

Even popular TV and radio shows offer their latest episodes in podcast form, or create podcasts as a supplement for them. When it comes to format, some of the most common types of podcasts include interviews, discussions, or serialized reporting.

Considering that anyone with some basic audio recording tools can make their own podcast and post it on the internet, the quality of podcasts can vary greatly. Those from well-known TV or radio shows are recorded in professional studios, while those created by regular people are most likely recorded on a simple phone or in modest home studios with good microphones.

Where can I find podcasts to listen to?

If you want to use a smartphone or tablet to listen to podcasts, the easiest way to find them is through a dedicated app. There is a plethora of apps out there for both Android and iOS.

Additionally, podcasts are widely available on the web, as podcast creators normally upload their content to a website where users can either listen online or download the files for later. A quick search using a search engine will find you lots of links.

Alternatively, you can use a podcast manager, which will help you find podcasts and keep track of which podcast episodes you’ve listened to.