Things You Can Do While Listening to Your Favorite Podcast

We can listen to podcasts in order to learn new things, get multiple perspectives on the issue or just for entertainment. But the key thing to note here is that we are only listening. We don’t need to be actively engaged by looking or reading in order to follow, which means there are things we can do while the podcast goes on in the background. Since we still want to be mentally engaged, we can do things that don’t distract us from following the narrative. Here are some of the activities that you can use to fill the void. 

Enjoy online entertainment

If you are a sports fan and maybe following a sports-related podcast you probably find online betting entertaining. So, you can visit some online sportsbooks, and speculate the outcomes of upcoming games. Who knows maybe the podcast you are currently tuned into gives some insight on how to act. 

Do house chores

Apart from vacuum cleaning which will interfere with the audio, unless you are wearing headphones, you can do pretty much anything. You can tighten up your room, do some dusting, wash dishes, steam clean, etc. It is a great way to make housework less boring. 

Do yoga or any kind of work out 

Exercise is important and giving your muscles a good stretch is an awesome way to start your day. So, instead of focusing just on how hard your workout is, you can focus on the topic of the podcast. It will certainly make counting seconds while planking less painful. You can also do cardio exercise like riding a bike, as that one is pretty boring if you are only focused on cycling in place.  

Play video games

If you enjoy playing video games that don’t require 100% of your focus, then you can play them while listening to a podcast. Small mobile games, or ones that are on social networks, are pretty simple, and engaging, making them perfect for this type of scenario. 

Do something work related

Most of the jobs today require you to do some sort of data entry tasks, log your time, send follow up emails and so on. You can do all of these things as you enjoy your podcast. So, check your inbox, fill out the excel sheet, make content revisions, or whatever you have to do that does not require your undivided attention. If you finish up these tasks in advance your workday will be a breeze.  

Get where you need to go

If you are tuned in using your cell phone, you can pretty much listen to your podcast while driving, cycling, taking a bus, or walking. In fact, many people listen to a podcast while commuting to work, and many podcasters are aware that this is their core audience, so their airing schedule is tailored towards them.  

Relax with a coffee or drink

Truth be told you don’t have to do something fun or productive to make the best out of your podcast time. If you want to relax with your favorite drink or a cup of coffee then do so. Whatever makes you happy or helps you start your day is a good time investment, and if it helps you enjoy the podcast even more then all the better.